Calendar of online MAKER Workshops for 9 to 12 year olds

November 2020 

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Fun with 3D modelling and 3D Printing : Designing and 3D Printing my first Product!

3D printing technology is creating new ways of making everyday things. But what is 3D printing and how can young people harness this technology and use it to find new ways of solving today's and tomorrow's problems?  Join us in this one day introductory program where participants will learn how to use Computer Assisted Design (CAD) Software to create 3D models and 3D print them in real time ! It gets even more fun as they get to use their new found knowledge to solve a real world design challenge -  they will design and create their very own a 3D model of a key holder and see their design come to life through 3D printing !!  .... and they get to collect and keep their creation! Not only will we have such great fun and learning, we will get to make new friends, learn about how soft skills like persistence, perseverance, collaboration, curiosity are crucial in getting our ideas from the realm of imagination to reality.

Age Range: 9 years to 12 years old

Class size: 5 , Booking essential

Duration : 1 hr 30mins

Scheduled date:  TBA

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Exploring Simple Machines : Building a Hydraulic Bridge

Simple Machines ( gears, levers, screw, inclined plane etc etc) are the basic building blocks of all modern machines. In this once off workshop, we will use our learning of the properties of matter (properties of solids, liquids, gases) to carry out fun and engaging experiments on their suitability to transfer force. Based on these findings we will use the materials in the kit provided to build a working model of a hydraulic bridge. Not only is this loads of fun but we will get to make new friends and learn about how collaboration helps us achieve more, and how soft skills like learning to persist, develop grit and develop critical thinking help us to be EXTRA-ordinary individuals - they make us stand out in the crowd and that mistakes and failures are part of the road to success. 

Age Range: 9 years to 12 years old

Class size: 5 , Booking essential

Duration: 2 Hours

Scheduled Date : TBA                                         


Fun with 3D Printing and 3D Modelling: The House Designer Challenge

How can young people use design thinking and 3D printing as tools to find new solutions to problems in their communities ? In this 3 day workshop participants will learn the Design Thinking Process and the basics of 3D modelling using Computer Assisted Design (CAD)  Software. With the help of our trained facilitator, they will learn to use CAD software to design the furniture and interior fittings of a miniature house they will assemble from their kit of materials and watch them 3D printed in real time!

Age Range: 9 years to 12 years old

Class size: 5 , Booking essential

Duration: 4.5 hours over 3 Days

Scheduled Date : 


Electronics: CIRCUITS for Junior Makers

What is a circuit ? Learn about electricity and circuits. 
Build fun and engaging circuits that help you understand
how our world works. 
This engaging workshop provides both theory and a strong practical component to Electronics and details electronics components that include Resistors,  LEDs, Switches among other things. A Kit with all the materials necessary to complete the workshop is included in the fee

Age Range :  9 years to 12 years old

Class size: 5 , Booking essential

Duration: 1.5 hours

Scheduled Date : TBA